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A veteran suffers from terminal cancer - heard a knock on the door and fell to his knees in tears when he realized the truth





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Ron Hyde, an Air Force veteran, went through several difficult chemotherapy treatments before deciding to quit. He didn't know how long he had left to live, and wanted to enjoy the time he had left instead of fighting the cancer that would take his life.

As he sat down on a used mattress in his empty apartment, he was grateful to have a roof over his head. So a trip to a charity organization and buying a chair for $25 led to an act of kindness that would completely change the last chapter of his life.

Ron bought a chair at the organization's store, but was unable to find someone with a large enough vehicle to transport the chair to his home. Fortunately, a woman in the area heard about his need and turned to the social network for help.

But what Ron didn't know was that the reaction would be much, much greater than they thought. Two days after his purchase, a large delivery truck pulled up outside the apartment building where he lived. Strangers from Hyde's community began to unload the truck, bringing many pieces of furniture and other essentials to Ron's home.

As Ron watched people fill his cupboards and refrigerator with food, and make a new bed for him, emotions overwhelmed him. The veteran soldier tried to hold back the tears of excitement.

"Who knows how much time he has left?" said one of the men, as more and more furniture was brought into the house. "But we can at least make him comfortable - he doesn't have to live on a mattress in the corner".

Ron described the beautiful gesture as a 'little miracle'.

Watch the wonderful story in the pictures below:

I like this

Now Ron can rest and recover in a warm and cozy house and not in a cold and empty space.

Dealing with a terminal illness alone is hard enough, but when you're forced to sleep on a dirty mattress on the floor? You can't even think about it.

Thank God that there are good-hearted people in the world who helped a stranger in need.


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