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A woman saw a crying man who was forced to throw a gift in the trash at the airport - what she took out of the trash broke her heart





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Everyone loves to receive gifts, but there is nothing better than finding and giving the perfect gift to someone special.

There is no better feeling than giving someone an exciting gift and seeing their reaction when they open it - it's really an amazing feeling!

And that's exactly what Bill and Linda Mudry expected when they made their way to visit their newly adopted granddaughter. They were very excited to finally be able to receive and welcome the little girl into the family, and they had the perfect gift for her to help her remember this moment forever.

Unfortunately, when they got to the security check at the airport, they had to throw the gift in the trash.

Amari Hernandez and her boyfriend were sitting at the Airport St. Peter-Clearwater when they witnessed what happened.

"I saw that this man was told that he was not allowed to take his package with him on the plane", Amari wrote in a Facebook post. "The man looked at the security guard and asked, 'Can I leave the package in the lost and found department? This is a snowglobe for my adopted granddaughter'".

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But unfortunately, the security man did not approve his request.

"The security man replied 'Put it in trash bin number 13' and pointed to the bin", Amari wrote. "The man was hurt and threw the gift in the trash".

We love you, Grandparents

When Amari saw the man walk away from the trash can, it touched her heart. Her boyfriend decided to go to the trash and try to get the gift out of it. When they opened the package, they discovered something that warmed their hearts. The gift was a snow globe that contained pictures of the couple with the little girl.

It even contained a note: "We love you Katie, Grandparents 1/25/16".

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Desperate to return the gift to its owner, Amari posted on Facebook trying to locate the owner and reunite them with their precious gift.

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Her post went viral and was shared more than 50,000 times! Fortunately, it reached a specific person, an employee of 'Things Remembered', the company that made this particular snow globe, who saw Amari's post and immediately contacted her.

The employee looked for the receipt for this gift until he found the name of the man who ordered it. It was Linda Mudry, and Amari was able to contact her and return the snowball to her. Only then did she realize how precious and meaningful this gift was.

"She is extraordinary"

"It was something very special", Linda said. "The gift was for my granddaughter Katie, because my son adopted her".

She said her granddaughter was very sad when Linda couldn't bring the snow globe with her. Now, Linda can't stop thinking about Amari and her kindness.

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"She's just amazing. I can't believe she did it", Linda said. "People are basically good, but she is simply extraordinary".

But Amari insists that she just did the right thing.

"My mother always taught us to be good to people", she said. "I would want someone to do the same if it happened to me".

Watch the emotional reunion in the video below:

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