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A Rude hotel manager didn't accept the excuses of the elder woman, but after she paid, oh dear ..





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Never underestimate elder people, no matter what.

There are cynical people who think that older people are sentimental, slow and can't work on almost anything.

But the reality is of course completely different. And this story is a wonderful example of this.

I like this

"This is a beautiful hotel but the rooms are definitely not worth $400 for one night! I didn't even eat breakfast!". The receptionist said that $400 is the standard rate, so she insisted talking with the manager.

The manager arrived as the receptionist warned him in advance, and said: "The hotel has an olympic size pool and a huge conference center free of charge for guests to use". "But I didn't use them", she said. "Well, they're here, and you could", the manager explained.

He went on to explain that she could also go to one of the shows at the hotel. "We have entertainment shows from around the world that appear here". said the manager. "But I didn't go to any of these shows", she said.

"Well, we have them, and you could", the manager answered. And no matter what things the manager brought up, she replied, "But I have not used them!", and the manager answered to all with his usual answer. After a few minutes of arguing when the manager was not willing to move from his position, she decided to pay.

So she wrote a check and gave it to him. The manager was surprised when he looked at the check.

"But ma'am, this check is for only $80". "That's right, I charged you $320 for sleeping with me". "But I didn't sleep with you!", said the surprised manager.

"Well, it's too bad, I was here, and you could".

I like this

Don't mess with old people !!!

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