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An 8-year-old boy came to school with a frozen head, and when the teacher looked closer his heart broke into pieces





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Going to school is important for every child. This is a place where they learn and prepare themselves for the future.

Unfortunately, millions of children all over the world don't get to school, or are forced to go in terrible conditions.

The image of a Chinese child with a frozen head on his way to school spreads like wildfire on the internet. You can not help but feel something when you see it - and we felt it was important to share the picture and take a few moments to think about it.

Wang Fuman, 8 years old, lives in Xinzhi, China. Since his mother left him and his father had to move to the big city to work and send money home, the boy lived with his grandparents.

Wang Fuman lived 4.8km from school, which meant he had to walk back and forth every day, and since the temperatures had dropped, it had become even harder for him to go to school.

Spreaded like wildfire

The principal at the boy's school decided to publish a few pictures on the social networks to show the difficult conditions in which many of the children live.

And the last picture the principal has published, Wang Fuman's picture, has become viral all over the world. The picture shows the child's completely frozen head. His eyebrows are frozen and his cheeks are red from the frost. The principal explained that the boy had decided to go to school at the extreme temperature because he had exams to do.

I like this


The little boy was determined to get to school on time for the exam, despite the bitter cold. His hands were frozen while he did the test.

I like this

Wang Fuman showed what discipline he had and how much he cared about his education. We hope that these pictures will lead him to get help so that he can get to school easily and without fighting nature elements.

All the children deserve education, and all the children come to school under tolerable conditions. Please share if you agree.


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