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Doctors failed to diagnose a sick woman for 10 years - then 2 men arrived and made a terrifying discovery





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Imagine having a mysterious illness for 10 years. Imagine suffering while your physical condition deteriorates, and doctors simply tell you that they don't know what's going on.

That was the painful reality for 41-year-old Kathy Wilson, who spent more hours than she can count in doctors' waiting rooms praying for answers that never came.

Over the course of ten years, the condition deteriorated to the point where she could hardly walk. She spent whole days sleeping, trying to deal with the exhaustion and mental fatigue - medical experts simply did not know what was the problem with her.

Eventually, the problem was discovered. But when it happened, it wasn't done by any sort of medical breakthrough, and not by diagnosis of a genius doctor who thought outside the box. No.

Instead, the diagnosis came from two men who arrived in a dirty van.

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It was ten years after Kathy Wilson's nightmare began, when she decided to treat herself with a new bathroom. Struggling with the disease for a decade, Wilson wanted a place where she could pamper herself, so a group of contractors came to her house to spruce up her bathroom.

They decided to upgrade the shower, add modern tiles, improve the heating boiler, along with other things. When the team arrived to dismantle the old boiler, they found a terrifying discovery..

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Kathy's old heating boiler that was installed 10 years ago, and was installed incorrectly. Kathy had no idea, but the tank was leaking toxic gas into her house.

The contractors immediately realized the seriousness of the situation and contacted Kathy to tell her the breaking news.

When she got the information, it was like she saw the light for the first time in a decade. Kathy suddenly realized all her symptoms made sense.

Two men in work pants discovered what the doctors couldn't...Kathy could finally fix her health.

Kathy is now healthy, and we are happy to report that she has been living the life that was taken from her for ten years.

For more details about this crazy story, and the dangerous gas that leaked in Kathy's house, watch the video below:

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Thank god Kathy is now in good shape! Imagine what would have happened if she had not decided to renovate the bathroom?

What an amazing story! Share it with friends and family to spread Kathy's story!


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