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Get rid of these light bulbs! They cause migraines and even cancer!





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As a way to save energy and money, many people have decided to replace their old light bulbs with energy-saving and environmentally friendly bulbs. But the truth is that the new generation of energy saving light bulbs are most toxic.

Because of all this, the US Environmental Protection Agency issued an emergency protocol that must be acted on these bulbs in case they break, because they contain a toxic gas.

In fact, if this type of bulb breaks in your home, it will release an amount of mercury that is 20 times higher than the permitted amount in the air.

This is confirmed and proven by the findings of a study conducted by a team of scientists working at the Fraunhofer Wilhelm Klauditz project run by the US Environment Protection Agency in Germany. They also found that these lamps can cause:

Many scholars experts insist that these energy saving light bulbs can cause anxiety, migraines and even cancer.

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These bulbs contain a very high amount of mercury, a strong toxin that could be very dangerous for pregnant women and children, because it damages the liver, brain, nervous system, and kidneys, and can cause damage to the reproductive system, immune system and cardiovascular system and blood vessels.

Experts also argue that mercury causes memory loss, headaches, anxiety, tremors, insomnia, Alzheimer's and cancer.

These bulbs also release increasing amounts of UV rays, UV-C and UV-B radiation. Very harmful radiation for skin and eyesight. Moreover, it weakens the immune system and the skin tissues because it inhibits the absorption of vitamin D3.

In addition, a recent study by Peter Brown from Alab Laboratory in Berlin found these lamps contain hazardous carcinogenic materials which include:

Styrene - liquid hydrocarbon and by-product of oil

Naphthalene - Naphthalene is listed at room temperature in the form of white crystals with a pungent odor. The material is produced by dry distillation of coal.

Phenol - another acidic toxin consisting of coal tar, and often used in the chemical industry.



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