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A mother with 4 little girls begged for help but everyone ignored her. Suddenly she heard a knock on the window





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We all suffer ups and downs in life. There are times in life that are just hard, and it's something that Tawny Nelson, a mother of 4, knows well.

When Tawny's ex left the family, life became especially challenging for the mother. The mother of four beautiful children suddenly found herself alone with her daughters, ages 9, 5, 2 and 6 weeks.

Needless to say, it was not an easy task to raise the four girls, and in addition, the family's car made trouble, which made it very difficult for Tawny to get from place to place.

"The situation was just bad. More than I can ever explain", Tawny wrote on Facebook.

Tawny tried to avoid using the car as much as possible, because of the many problems the car suffered from.

"There was a flat tire and I had to fill air all the time. The driver's window did not work. I needed a new alternator belt. We did not drive anywhere unless we had to", she wrote on Facebook.

But on one rainy day, she had to go to the supermarket to buy groceries for the house.

She took the four girls and drove to a store 9 blocks away. By the time she arrived, it was already dark and heavy rain flooded the streets.

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Stuck in the parking lot

After loading the food into the car and putting the kids in, the situation suddenly took a very bad turn. The car did not start - and Tawny and the four girls found themselves stuck in the dark in pouring rain in a parking lot.

She tried to start the car but in vain. And if that was not bad enough - there was also no reception on her phone.

"One of the girls accidentally left the lights on in the car and the car battery got drained. I have no family to turn to, I was on my own", she wrote in the post.

It was a nightmare for the young mother. She tried to get other drivers' attention, but they ignored her and drove away.

"I asked more than 20 people for more than two hours to help me. Everyone ignored me. They didn't even say no, just ignored and acted as if I did not exist", she wrote.

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An unexpected hero

The situation changed from bad to worse, as her daughters began to break down.

"My 5 year old started to fall apart, my baby was screaming, my 2 year old was crying because she was hungry, and the older one was somehow trying to help me. I cried and felt like the worst mother in the world", she wrote.

But just as everything was about to collapse, Tawny heard a knock on the window - there stood an elderly man with lameness.

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The 74-year-old man gave the Tawny a plate of chicken nibbles and rolls he bought from a nearby deli as well as water bottles.

"Let the girls eat, and eat too yourself", he told her. "I ordered a tow truck and my wife will come here right away and take you home".

The man's wife arrived shortly after, and so did the tow truck, and Tawny and the girls finally returned home.

But if that was not enough, the next morning, the man returned to Tawny's house - along with a car mechanic who had replaced the battery and alternator - and even repaired the broken window.

An unexpected gift

The older gentleman left and did not return. But when Tawny asked the mechanic how much she owed him, and whether she could pay in credit, he smiled and said the older man had already closed the bill with him.

"He said the only payment the older man wanted was that I would not give up and that I would be a wonderful mother", Tawny wrote.

"I've never cried like that in my life. Without knowing us or our situation, this kind man helped us in so many ways. What he did brought back my faith when my whole world collapsed on me. But even a hug he did not want".

"I can never thank him enough, but I certainly hope that one day I can pass on the favor for someone else for what he did for me".

Watch Tawny's full post below:

What a wonderful story full of compassion and kindness. Angels always appear when we do not expect them. Please share this wonderful and heartwarming story with your friends and family.


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