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No one could enter the old woman's apartment. So a neighbor broke down the door and realized the unbelievable





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Unfortunately, these days there is a tendency to forget and neglect old people, not only by governments and politicians, but also by neighbors and relatives. When there is no one around to comfort and help them, the lives of many old people are difficult and lonely.

So we are always happy to hear about people who look beyond their troubles and do everything they can to give, support and help an old person near them live a better life - even if it's just being there for them to entertain them a little.

This story, about a 39-year-old woman named Lucy Locket and her old neighbor, is a story that everyone should read, ponder, and share.

It perfectly demonstrates the difference you can make when you free up some time for an old person.

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For 21 years, Lucy, a mother of three, has lived in the same apartment building in London, England.

Over the years, she tried to get to know her neighbors, but one of them, an old woman, kept her distance and did not let anyone enter her house.

Lucy knew that the woman was mentally ill and that there was no one to treat and help her, so she kept trying to help the woman, even though she did not ask for her help.

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For several years Lucy tried to win the woman's trust. Then one day, last fall, Lucy finally convinced the woman.. who opened the filthy door and let Lucy into her house.

But nothing could prepare Lucy for what she was about to see.

"When I saw what I saw when she let me in her house.. it would never leave me! It was horrible!", Lucy Locket wrote on Facebook.

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The woman lives in a filth and mess that Lucy could not even describe.

The furniture was disassembled and full of holes.

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The floor and walls were covered with dirt and stains.

The woman's clothes were worn.

And the fridge was almost completely empty except for a few old food scraps.

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The woman has not showered for 13 years and sleeps on a dirty mattress on the floor.

Lucy knew no one deserved to live like this, and decided to do something about it.

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She and her 14-year-old daughter immediately started working.

It took them 60 hours to vacate and throw away all the contents of the apartment and return the apartment to a habitable condition.

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Lucy also wrote on the Facebook post about the woman's situation and wrote down a list of things the woman needs.

"I could not dream of what happened next! The reactions were amazing!", Lucy wrote.

People offered to help and donated many things - and within one day, 80 percent of the things on the list were donated.

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Thanks to the kindness, generosity and love of Lucy, her daughter, and many strangers, everything has changed.

In a short time, the woman had a clean and comfortable apartment to sleep in, beautiful furniture, new clothes, and a refrigerator full of all goodies.

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But most importantly, she had company.

"She really survived a life of loneliness and humiliation, she got her honor back, and I plan for her to live the rest of her life comfortably and surrounded by love", Lucy wrote on Facebook.

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This story is much bigger than Lucy and her old neighbor. It is a wonderful example of humanity at its best, and an example of the huge difference we can do when we decide to take action and help others.


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