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9 important tips and tricks that may one day save your life





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When people hear the phrase 'survival tips' many of them immediately imagine situations similar to those like Robinson Crusoe or Bar Grills: a one-on-one battle against nature.

But the reality is that even in a city it is good to know what to do when the situation requires you to avoid difficult situations.

We have compiled for you some of the best tips that will help you make sure you do not panic in dangerous situations.

Use of keys for self-defense

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This advice can be seen quite a bit on the net: To protect yourself when you are attacked in the street, hold the keys between your fingers as in the big picture above. But the truth is, it's not a good idea, because you might hurt yourself. To put the keys in this position you need time, and not sure you have that time.

Much more effective is to hold the keys like you would hold a knife, or hold them tight inside a punch.

If the taxi driver behaves strangely

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Before you get in the cab, write down its number. If the taxi driver is behaving strangely, call someone (no matter who) you know, or just pretend you are having a hard time. During the call tell them what the taxi number is.

Don't underestimate the value of ticks

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Ticks transmit diseases, some of which may be lethal. So if you are stung or even think you have been stung by a tick, go to the doctor immediately for a checkup.

Ticks can infect you anywhere, especially if you have dogs or cats in the house. To remove a tick, carefully grasp it with tweezers and gently pull it out.

If someone tells you that he will not touch you, beware

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Notice the strange promises. If someone says, for no apparent reason, that he does not intend to touch you, it should turn on a red light in you, because he probably does intend to do so.

Money in case of emergency

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It's a great idea to hide money in the cell phone case. There is always a chance that you will urgently need money (such as paying a taxi driver). Emergency money can save you if your wallet or bag is stolen or lost.

The audience effect

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If you or someone who is with you suddenly feel bad in a public place, do not ask everyone at once to help you. Instead, find the closest person, and ask him or her specifically, otherwise the responsibility just 'disperses': people will think that someone else has already taken responsibility for handling the emergency, and they will just keep going.

What to do if you can not open a window in a sinking car

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If you are in a sinking car, you should immediately open a window and get out without waiting a moment. But what if you can not open the window? This can happen if the car body is damaged as a result of a collision. For this reason, it is always good to have something heavy in the car in case you need to break the window. Steering wheel lock, fire extinguisher, or any heavy object after that can fit.

A simple safety rule for stairs that most people forget

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Never put your hands in your pockets when going up or down stairs so that you can easily grab the railing if you slip. But if you do fall, your hands can play an important role in preventing serious head injuries.

If something looks suspicious, do not be afraid to be rude

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Always be brave enough to refuse to spend time with people who look weird. If you are afraid to be alone in the elevator with the neighbor and feel that something is wrong, do not ignore your instincts just to avoid hurting someone's feelings.


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