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A 72 year old woman got pregnant - now look at her child 11 months later





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When pop star Janet Jackson announced she was pregnant at the age 50, many people were shocked.

Pregnancy at these ages can be very dangerous for both the child and the mother.

But Daljinder Kaur, 72 years old, from Amritsar in Punjab, Northern India, has "beat" Janet's record by alot - 20 years to be precise. When Daljinder gave birth to her first son at the age of 72, she made headlines all over the world. Now, 11 months later, the mother admits that the birth has affected her health.

Daljinder lived with her husband Mohinder Singh Gill, who is 79 years old. They were married for 47 years and enjoyed their retirement days before they became pregnant with their first child. In the last two years, the couple underwent IVF treatments in hopes to become pregnant. In April 2016, their efforts paid off. They called their child Arman Singh.

"My God has answered my prayers, my life feels complete now, I feel full of energy to take care of my child, and my husband helps me as much as he can, he is a loving and caring father", Daljinder said.

At first, the IVF clinic were not so enthusiastic about the idea. They determined that Daljinder was not strong enough and might not be able to go through the process. But in the end they decided to try anyway.

"At first I tried to avoid it because she was very weak, but her medical tests were normal and she was fit to get pregnant", said Anorg Bishnoy, the doctor at the clinic.

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But ever since Arman came into the world, his mother suffered from high blood pressure and weak joints. Eleven months after the birth, a camera crew visited the family, who explained that their son had begun to crawl.

"I suffered from high blood pressure and I get tired very quickly, I went to a few doctors, but all they did was give me pills and recommend a different diet", Daljinder said. "I'm worried about Arman, I have to take care of my health but I also have to take care of my child".

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"Since he started crawling, I've been on my knees and hands all the time, my body can not cope with it, it's much harder than I thought", Daljinder said.

The boy was already a year old and when he was born he weighed a little more than 1 kilogram. He is still underweight and after three months his mother could no longer breastfeed him.

But despite all the difficulties, she says she doesn't regret having established a family so late.

"No matter where I am, he'll come crawling in. I love him, he's a sociable boy and he smiles at everyone", she said.

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Watch the family at home in the video below:

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What do you think? Is it okay to have a child at such a late age?


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