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19 life tips and tricks that will completely change the way you deal with everyday tasks





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Life is challenging enough anyway, so why make it harder on yourself and not doing things as efficiently as possible?

Of course, you may be used to doing things in a certain way for a long time, and it works for you, but if there is a way to save time and effort in doing one thing or another, I will, for example, jump at the opportunity!

So to help you out in everyday life, save you time and effort, here are 19 great tips and tricks to help you make things easier.

And you don't have to thank us, we do it because we love you!

1. Treat throat pain

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Try drinking warm milk with cardamom to relieve the inflammation and pain. You may also find yourself enjoying the sweet and warm aroma of the cardamom!

2. Light a fire quickly and easily

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Need to light a fire but the trees are wet or you do not have the lighting material? Try to light a fried snack like potatoes, doritos or even fries. They are dry, flammable, and burn for a while thanks to the oil they are fried in.

3. Relax yourself

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If you need to calm yourself quickly, try pressing the skin between your nose and your lips with your thumb for a few seconds. It works great even during a nervous breakdown.

4. Boil potatoes faster

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Add butter to the boiling pot to boil the potatoes faster.

5. Check egg freshness

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It's an easy and excellent trick: drop an egg into a large pot of cold water until the egg completely sinks. Fresh eggs will sink immediately, rotten eggs will float. Eggs that reach the bottom but point upwards are still edible.. but the clock is ticking.

6. Bake with bananas instead of eggs

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Half a banana is worth one egg if you want to cook with it.

7. Removing glue stains from glass

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Removing stubborn glue stains can be done with vegetable oil. Simply apply the oil on the stain, leave for 10 minutes before wiping.

8. Boil beans / legumes faster

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Did you forget to soak the legumes during the night? Boil them in non-salted water and add a tablespoon of cold water every 10 minutes. They will be ready easily, quickly and without problems.

9. Remove ink / paint stains from clothing

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Acetone does wonders in removing these stains from clothes. Apply acetone to the stain, then rub with a alcohol pad.

10. How to deal with a broken egg

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Boil a broken egg as usual, but add some vinegar to the water. This helps the egg to coagulate faster so that the protein and the yolk won't drain everywhere.

Champions Tip: A little vinegar in the water is also the way to make a perfect poached egg without breaking it.

11. Quickly dry your shoes

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Heat some salt in a pan, and pour it into the sock. Put the sock inside the dry shoe and it will absorb all the moisture. You may need to change your socks if the shoe is completely wet.

12. Boil milk faster

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A pinch of sugar will make the milk boil much faster.

13. Grate cheese without a mess

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Sprinkle some oil on the grater to keep the cheese from sticking to it. Then clean it lightly.

14. Get rid of unpleasant smells in the kitchen

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If your kitchen smells unpleasant, try boiling a tablespoon of vinegar in the pan until it evaporates.

15. Use of dried lemons

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If you have half a lemon in the fridge that starts to dry, bring it back to life by soaking it in a bowl of water for a few hours.

16. New shoes initiation

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Wear your new shoes with the thickest socks. Then, apply hair dryer to the shoes (while you wear them) for about 10 minutes.

17. Cure headaches

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It sounds weird, but if you rub a lemon on your forehead, you will feel considerable relief from the headache.

18. Collect pieces of a broken glass

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Use plasticine to collect all the small pieces of glass. You can also use a slice of bread.

19. Protect your smartphone

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Your mobile screen can easily be scratched without a shield. Put some toothpaste on the screen and rub it where there scratches are. Then wipe off the leftovers.


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