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Mother and daughter spent more than $86,000 on plastic surgery to look like their goddess





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All the people in the world are born with a very unique look. Of course, some may be similar in some ways, but there are always details that will set us apart from others.

How we look is certainly something not many of us think about. For most people, they look the way they do and that's it.

But there are those who like to stand out and try to change their appearance accordingly - and this is of course their legitimate right.

Two such people are Georgina Clark, 38, and her daughter Kayla Morris, 20. Together they have spent more than $86,000 on plastic surgery.

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You could say that Georgina and her daughter Kayla are not the ordinary couple of mother/daughter. They spend almost all their money on plastic surgery.

They wanted to look like their goddess, model Katie Price.

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Together, Georgina and Kayla have spent more than $95,000 on various surgeries and treatments.

"Plastic surgery is our way of spending a mother and daughter quality time together . We want a bigger breast, a bigger butt and looks like Barbies", Kayla said.

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Their precious hobby is funded by Kayla's job as a stripper, a profession that Mother Georgina has no problem engaging in. The daughter started working as a stripper at the age of 17.

"When Kayla told me she wanted to have plastic surgery, I was happy because I wanted her to be that kind of person", the 39-year-old mother said.

"I'm greatful to have a daughter like Kayla who pays for my surgeries. I don't care that she has a 'Sugar Daddy' or that she works as a stripper to pay for the treatments because we live the dream".

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The treatments that have been done so far include lip augmentation, hair extensions, breast augmentation and cheek injections.

And they have not yet finished changing their bodies.

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From here on out, they plan to do nose surgery as well as further enlarge the chest and buttocks.

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We think they exaggerated a bit. What do you think?

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Everyone should love the way they look. They looked much better before the surgeries. Be careful with what you ask for.


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