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His wife left him with the kids. Two days later she received this letter..





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The father returned home after an exhausting day at work.

Like many fathers he just wanted to relax, watch TV and not having to deal with the screaming kids or the house tasks needed to be done. But his wife had enough of his 'after work' behaviour, and finally she got up and left him. Now he's alone with the kids.

And this is what he had to say about it:

"My dear,

Two days ago we had a big fight. I came back home tired after work. It was 8pm in the evening, and all I wanted to do was sit and watch the game.

When I saw you, I was exhausted and in a bad mood. The kids were fighting and the baby was screaming as you were trying to put him to sleep.

All I did was increase the volume of the TV.

'It wouldn't kill you to help a little and be more involved in raising the children' you told me angrily as you lowered the volume of the TV.

I answered angrily: 'I spent all day at work so you can stay at home and play with the doll house'.

The argument went on and on. You cried because you were angry and tired. I told you cruel things. You yelled, and said you can't handle this any longer, and you ran outside crying and left me alone with the children.

I experienced the anger and crying attacks.

I experienced the fact I had to run all day without a free moment, and not doing a shower.

I experienced the fact I had to be locked inside the house all day without talking to anyone who is older than 10 years old.

I experienced the fact I couldn't sit at the table relaxed and enjoy eating in my spare time, because I had to chase a child.

I experienced physical and mental exhaustion so strong that I wished I could sleep for 20 hours straight, but I had to get up 3 hours after I fell asleep because the baby was crying.

I lived 2 days and 2 nights in your shoes and I can honestly tell you now, I understand.

I understand your tiredness.

I understand that being a mother is an eternal sacrifice.

I understand it is more exhausting than being in the office for 10 hours making financial decisions.

I understand your frustration of giving up a career and financial freedom so you can be there for your children.

I understand the uncertainty about your financial freedom, and that you are dependent on your husband.

I understand the sacrifices you're making when not going out with your girlfriends, doing sports or sleep all night straight.

I understand how hard it can be, being trapped and taking care of the kids as you feel like missing what's happening outside.

I also understand why you get mad when my mother criticizes the way you raise our children, because nobody knows whats best for the kids like their mother.

I understand that being a mother is carrying out the heaviest load of society that nobody appreciates, or rewards.

I'm writing this letter to you to not only tell you that I miss you, but also because I don't want a single day to pass from now on without me telling you:

"You are very brave, do a wonderful job and I admire you".

This letter became viral and for a realy good reason. It finally exposes a man experiencing the difficulties home maids have to go through. They take them for granted, but hoping that after the husband experienced them for himself, an experience which he shares, they will also understand they are wrong and have to be greatful for every moment they have their maids with them.


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