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Doctors warn parents not to throw away their children's baby teeth! Here's why





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When their first tooth falls out it is one of the moments that makes young children feel like they are becoming grown ups. And even today we remember the magical moment when we woke up in the morning and discovered that the tooth fairy took the tooth and left us a small gift.

But when you play the role of the tooth fairy and leave your child a small gift, what do you do with the tooth you took? You can throw the tooth in the trash, or you can keep it as a souvenir. But what value does a tooth have other than a sentimental value?

Well, it turns out a lot.

A study conducted several years ago found that deciduous teeth are a wonderful source of stem cells - and they can be turned into different cell types if needed.

This means that if for some reason the child needs a tissue replacement later in life, the lab technicians will be able to grow that tissue from that child's deciduous teeth. Amazing, no?

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The deciduous tooth storage method has the potential to treat various types of diseases and even save lives.

At the moment, the technology is not there yet, but dental storage definitely exists. And there are places where you can pay a small amount each year to store your baby teeth in optimal conditions so that maybe one day they will have medical use that can change and save lives.

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The tooth fairy did sound like something magical in the past. But we think modern science and the idea of turning baby teeth into tissue can potentially save lives and is no less amazing. And perhaps it can be said that it is even more magical than the tooth fairy.

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