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Jewish photographer buried pictures so the Nazis won't find them, he took them out after the war, and that is what he took





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The Holocaust is without a doubt one of the most horrific atrocities in human history. Millions of Jews lost their lives, and families were separated throughout Europe.

And another side of this heinous crime is that an entire period in history has been lost by those who lived in it.

As a result, the works of millions of intellectuals, writers, and artists have disappeared. But this tragic truth is what makes this story so much more amazing.

During the Holocaust, in 1944, Henryk Ross was in the Lodz ghetto in occupied Poland. Ross was a street photographer who was forced to take propaganda photos for the Nazi regime. During this time, he risked his life to document the daily life in the Lodge Ghetto so that future generations could see what was happening there.

Here are 13 amazing photos taken by Henryk Ross:

1. Ross digs and takes out the pictures he hid (1945)

I like this

2. Portrait of a couple (1940-1944)

I like this

3. A man rescues a bible scroll from the ruins of a synagogue (1940)

I like this

This picture illustrates how Ross was forced to take a picture. The blur and ambiguity of the image suggest that he took it quickly so that they would not notice.

4. A child looking for food in the ground (1940-1944)

I like this

5. A man walks in the ruins of a synagogue in the snow (1940)

I like this

6. A Woman Hugging Her Child (1942)

I like this

Although most of the pictures are gloomy, this picture symbolizes the love and hope that the people who lived in the ghetto had

7. Utensils of people sent to extermination camps (1944)

I like this

8. A sign for a residential building in which Jews lived (1940-1944)

I like this

9. A gathering point in the Lodge ghetto (1940-1942)

I like this

A difficult picture showing the moment when families were separated

10. A wedding in the ghetto (1940-1944)

I like this

11. A baby swinging in the ghetto (1940-1944)

I like this

12. Portrait of a Little Girl (1940-1944)

I like this

13. Children being taken to an extermination camp

I like this

Although many pictures of Ross show pure evil and human suffering, they also show the dignity and nobility of those photographed. Through them, Ross tries to preserve the memory of those who were forced to suffer at the hands of the Nazis. There are more pictures, which are on display at the Art Gallery in Ontario, Canada.

Click here to view more photos of Ross


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