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Chef reveals an expert tip on how to make your scrambled eggs airy, fluffy and perfect every time





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One of the signs for good chefs is how good their omelette is.

Maybe it's because eggs are one of the most flexible foods available and can be prepared in a wide variety of ways - they can be used in all kinds of pastries and they will not even mention eggs!

And yet, chefs can discover the intricacies of eggs, and you should always keep the base. And to do that, take out the spatula and whisk.

Exactly: it's time to make the perfect scrambled eggs!

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Even though many chefs and cooks have tried to cook the perfect eggs, this simple recipe comes from a YouTube user named AmyLearnsToCook. Amy's recipe has garnered more than 19 million views and it definitely seems like a good place to start.

Here's what you need (for 3 servings):

This is how everything is put together:

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First of all, carefully break the eggs into a bowl and throw the shells in the trash. Once the eggs are in the bowl, take the fork and start mixing them. Make sure you mix well.

Next, take the pan and put it on a low heat and add the butter to it - besides the fact that it smooths the pan, the butter also gives a wonderful color and flavor. Add the eggs slowly until they cover the entire pan.

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Now that everything's together, do not immediately start scrambling the eggs! Instead, let the eggs cook evenly for a few minutes (remember the pan over low heat then it will take the eggs time to cook). Then, slowly pull the cooked eggs from the outside towards the middle of the pan while allowing the raw liquid of the eggs to settle on its own. Once all the eggs have been cooked pay close attention to the pan and continue to pull the eggs towards the middle.

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Feel free to move the eggs in the pan so that they cook evenly. At the end, when most of the eggs are cooked and pulled towards the middle, fold the eggs on top of each other and roll them gently in the pan (without cutting them with the spatula). When your eggs still look 'uncooked' (not intentionally browned), remove the eggs from the pan straight to the plate. and that's it!

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Feel free to upgrade your eggs recipe however you like. But remember - add your upgrades at the end to maintain the texture and airiness of your eggs.

Pleasant cooking!

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