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A girl asked Santa to cure a cousin with leukemia - seconds later her tough father was in tears





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A trip to the mall or store where Santa Claus is located at is usually full of impatience, crying children and stressed parents. But it is also one of the traditions of the holiday season.

For children who believe in Santa, this visit allows them to share their Christmas wishes with the bearded and lovable man. It's a magical encounter, and sometimes the children's wishes can be very surprising.

Sometimes, they ask for a new toy, but sometimes, they surprise everyone with an emotional and unselfish wish. Unfortunately, Santa can't fulfill every wish, but this Santa knew exactly what to do when he was asked to do the impossible.

Steve Dane, Taylor's father, shared the emotional moment on Facebook:

"This is my daughter, Taylor, who surprised us when she told Santa that all she wanted for Christmas was for Ashley Freihoff (her cousin) to heal from leukemia. Wow, the tears didn't stop when I heard my daughter tell the story to the person she believes can do anything".

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"Then Santa did something more amazing than my daughter did.. He had at least 100 kids in line and I'm sure kids beg him all day for toys they want him to bring them. The man stopped everything and told her that even he as Santa does not have the power to heal anyone but he knows someone who has.."

Santa had something special for the little girl.

"So Santa bowed his head and prayed with my daughter for her cousin. I'm a big, tough guy, but there I was standing in my favorite store, crying like a baby. Thank you Santa, who showed my family and everyone what this holiday means. I hope this amazing man will see this post and know how emotional and touched our family's heart was".

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Watch the emotional moment in the video below:

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