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New research says: starting a work day before 10:00 am equals to torture





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When I saw this study I knew I had to write a story about it, but I decided immediately that it should be written after 10am.

Dr. Paul Kelly, a researcher at Oxford University, scientifically approved the claim that almost every working person claimed at least once in his life: that starting a day's work before 10 am is a terrible thing. In an interview, Kelly said:

"Before the age of 55, the biological clock rate of adults is just out of sync with the normal working day of 9 to 5, which causes 'a serious threat' on performance, mood and mental health".

With this information, Kelly stated that there should be a global change in our working hours, not only to start the day later in our work, but also to start the school of our children later. Studies have shown that an average 10-year-old child has difficulty concentrating on school work if they start before 8:30 am, and the best performance in school happend at around 11:00 am in the morning.

"The team usually do not get enough sleep", says Kelly. "We live in a society that doesn't sleep enough. This causes a huge damage for our body systems because it affects physically and mentally on the performance of our systems. Our liver and heart pattern has changed, and we ask them to pass the 'clock' two or three hours earlier or later. This is an international problem. Everyone suffers, and they should not".

"Later hours can affect all aspects of society, including prisons and hospitals. In these places, people are being waken up very early to give them food that they do not want. You are more disciplined simply because you're not focused. Sleep deprivation is torture", says Kelly.

So what do you think? Do you think that a work day and/or school should start later in the day?


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