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15 Reasons why your big sister is the best thing in your life





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The only thing better than a big sister, is a few more big sisters.

A relationship with a big sister is not always the easiest, when you're born she hates you because you are the cutest, when you are in primary school it becomes more fun because you play together all day, but then comes middle age and the big rivalry begins, unless you have to take a garment from each other and then there are individual moments of kindness.

But then one comes to adult life, and there the relationship changes. Sisters become best friends, and the younger sister or brother looks back and concludes how important the big sister was in their life. And here are 15 reasons why.

1. She warns you ahead of time about the whole 'puberty' issue

Forget the awkward conversations with the parents (about menstruation and sex), the big sister is the one you turn to for to get a warning about the 'horrors' in front of you. Even if she used her power to abuse you and tell you you were adopted.

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2. Her rejection shaped your character

School can be difficult and those moments when your friends reject you become a smaller problem when your big sister closes the door in your face when she's with friends. At the time it felt awful.. but today, you will be grateful.

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3. She speaks directly and to the point

If anyone's telling you the way things are, it's your big sister. No matter how painful her words are, you know they are said with love. No one tells you you're as terrible as your big sister.

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4. Her connections have always helped

At the time she was your protector and the phrase 'I will send my big sister on you' is a classic phrase. And today, her connections in the social and professional world can help you.

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5. Her advice

If there's anyone you can turn to, it's your big sister. She has been through almost everything, and there is no better advice than the advice of someone with experience.

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6. She 'prepared' your parents

By the time you reach high school, your mother has been through everything with your big sister. She went out late, drank, smoked, brought men home. Your older sister has already softened the parents and therefore prepared the ground.

7. She will always forgive you

Take someone from your group of friends. Imagine punching them in the face, pulling their hair out, cursing them and telling them you hate them - will they talk to you the next day? probably not. Sisters on the other hand will on the otherhand brush their hair the next morning.

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8. She can take on the role of supervisor

When it comes to Mother's Day or family events, your big sister will always be there to remind you of the dates and organize the gifts.

9. She has actually been your private driver for quite some time

When your big sister takes out a driving license ahead of you, this is the day when you do not have to take a bus or walk. You also felt a lot cooler because you passed your friends who still travel with their parents. You were with your big, cool sister.

11. She was not an informant

Your big sister knows about the troubles and things you did, but she will always cover for you. Even if she knocks you a look of disappointment later.

11. She made the beginning of your school days easier

It is true that sometimes it takes teachers two years to contact you in your first name and not as a 'sister of..', but your older sister made a good impression on the teachers, and it radiates on you as well.

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12. She served as your personal stylist

Big sisters teaches you everything you need to know about fashion and style. If not her, you would probably still go with earrings with clips and a ponytail bluff.

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13. She's the only person who can complain with you about your family

A family can be a thorn in the side, but only family members can get down on your family along with you. No one but your sister knows how terrible your mother can be, and you will complain about her for hours on end.

14. You always have her back

In breakups and quarrels with partners or friends, your big sister will always be there, unconditionally. Even if she abused you when you were little, she's been a fan of yours since the day you were born.

15. She gives good advice to relationships

Your big sister only wants your best, so you know she's going to be completely honest. She has experience, she's been through things in life. So you know you should listen to her.

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