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She lay for hours on the cold road. When I found out why my heart was filled with happiness





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When Amanda heard about Bar, an abandoned and lost dog in the mountains of Evans Creek, in that moment she decided to do something about it.

Together with her friend Dylan, they set off in an attempt to locate the lonely dog.

For more than an hour Amanda and Dylan tried to lure Bar with food and snacks - but without success.

The next day they returned, and noticed Bar in the same area. They again tried to entice him to come closer so they could help him, but in vain.

Then Amanda thought of a most creative idea.

They decided that Amanda would lie on the ground and play dead, act like she needed help.

And so they did: Amanda lay on the ground in the area where she suspected Bar was at.

And what happened a few hours later filled the hearts of animal lovers all over the world with warmth!

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It all started when a driver spotted a dog in a campground in Evans Creek, Washington state.

The dog looked scared and very thin, and became aggressive when the driver tried to approach it.

A few days later, a girl named Amanda heard about the dog.

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Amanda and her friend, Dylan, decided to try to save the dog and take him to the veterinary hospital.

They tried to get him to approach them with snacks - but to no success. The dog was suspicious and did not dare to approach people.

So Amanda decided to try a slightly different tactic.

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She lay in a fetal position and pretended to be dead.

And very quickly, Bar arrived at the place determined to help the 'injured' girl.

He approached Amanda and sniffed her for 20 minutes, then lost interest and walked away.

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But Amanda didn't give up. An hour later, he returned. This time, he just sat down next to Amanda.

Two hours later, Amanda won Bar's trust, and he understood that she had no intention of harming him.

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He followed her to the car and together they drove to the vet

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Bar finally got the help he so desperately needed - all thanks to these animal lovers who simply refused to give up.

The Animal welfare organization Lost & Found Pets tried to locate the owner of the dog but without success.

Fortunately, one family contacted the association and expressed their desire to adopt Bar, so now he has a loving and permanent home!

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