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Mash one banana and add 2 simple ingredients: say bye bye to coughs and sore throats





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Coughing is especially upsetting - for you and those around you.

Of course, this is usually involuntary and it is the only way your body gets rid of particles, foreign bodies or fluids in the throat and respiratory tract.

Chronic cough can be caused by a number of factors - smoking and asthma, for example, or if you have a virus.

A short-term cough can indicate a flu or cold, or something more serious like bronchitis or pneumonia.

Finding a quick cure for the throat is not an easy thing. Many people use pills or syrups, but we have never been fans of this approach.

So why not try a more natural way to help your throat? According to TheHealthyFoodHouse website, the following mixture is ​​a very effective remedy that acts very quickly on the cough.

Use bananas

Bananas are good in some ways, but for this article we will focus on the respiratory system.

A study conducted at The Imperial College in London showed that children who ate bananas every day had a 34 percent lower chance of suffering from an asthma attack.

Honey and bananas are very effective in alleviating cough and cold symptoms, as they both soothe irritation and contain essential vitamins and minerals.

How to use the natural remedy



Boil the water, peel the bananas and mash them in a large bowl with a wooden spoon. Pour the water over the banana's mash and wait for it to cool. Then add the honey and stir until a smooth mixture is achieved.

When to use?

If you have prepared the dish and it awaits for you in the fridge, you can preheat it before consuming it. According to TheHealthyFoodHouse website, these ingredients are enough for four days of use. In addition to relieving the cough, the banana and honey mixture will also raise your serotonin level and help you fall asleep and sleep better. Smart, isn't it?

I like this

This is definitely something I will try next time I have a cough!

Of course, if your cough doesn't go away for several weeks, or you suspect you have something more serious, go to a doctor. If you believe this is just a regular cough, then this is a natural remedy that you should definitely try.. If you, too, believe nature has more drugs than we thought, then share the story!


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