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A Handyman reveals 14 ingenious solutions for common problems around the house you'd never think of





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Wood decay, porcelain stains, and stubborn signs of fingerprints.. every house has them.

But not everyone is familiar with the simple fixes to the most common problems that happen at any home.

There are even people who will pay hundreds of dollars for professionals to do the repair jobs that can be done easily and cheaply without hiring anyone.

Here are 14 solutions to the most common house problems.

Decay in a wooden frame

Instead of installing a new frame or lintel, you can fix the decay in the wood with epoxy glue

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Stains in porcelain sink

Did you make a bit of a mess when you dyed your hair? Spread some toothpaste on the stain and leave it for 10 minutes, then rub with baking soda powder and the stain will go away.

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Small holes in the window net

You can fix small holes in the window nets (usually the cats are guilty) by patting a clear nail polish on the holes.

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Make your home smell wonderful without cleaning it

Put on a few drops of vanilla extract or essential oil that you love in the air vents of your air conditioner and your home will smell wonderful! Without cleaning!

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Prevent squeaks in the floor

Sprinkle some talc between the wood boards to keep them from creaking

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Fill nail holes

Did you not measure the position of the image correctly? If your house walls are full of nail holes you can use the shaft to close the holes. Then paint the fill with chalk or use an ear stick with paint.

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Fix broken screws

Place a rubber band between the screwdriver and the screw to get a better grip on the broken screw

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Prevent streaks in windows

Wipe the window with newspaper instead of paper towel to prevent streaks and marks.

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Remove water stains from wood

To get rid of water stains on wood, use a dry cotton cloth and roll a medium heated iron over it for a few seconds. If the stain still appears, dip the cloth with some alcohol, and gently wipe the stain.

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Stabilize the ceiling fan

If the ceiling fan is swinging, tighten all screws to secure it. If that doesn't work, try a stabilization kit.

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Clogged sink

This DIY solution for opening a clogged sink starts with pouring half a cup of baking soda into the drain. Then pour half a cup of vinegar. Wait half an hour to an hour. Repeat until the clogging opens.

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Get rid of mold

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The ultimate crack seal

Instead of paying a professional, you can jam cracks this way: paste a tape on both sides and squeeze the sealing material between the two tapes in the form of beads. Use your finger to slide it.

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Annoying fingerprints solution

Stainless steel products are wonderful but accumulate a lot of fingerprints. Dip a cloth in some olive oil and apply a thin layer on the products to prevent fingerprints.

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