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Mother returned home after going away for the weekend: she saw the secret of her husband's bedroom and immediately began to cry





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There are moments in life that prove to you whether the person you live with is really worth staying with.

Just ask Kate, a mother of three, who felt this moment after returning from a weekend of work in another city.. and seeing what her husband was doing during that time.

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When Kate, a mother of three, went away for the weekend, her husband had other plans than just lying on the couch all day.

Instead, he decided to welcome her with a surprise on a huge scale - one related to the bedroom.

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While his wife was away, Miles decided it would be a great idea to give their bedroom a major makeover.

He started by removing the old wall-to-wall carpeting.

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After putting the children to bed each night, he took the paint cans.

Devoting a whole night to painting the bedroom, he gave the room a new life.

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After the walls were ready, it was time to install the new floor.

Miles did everything himself, and also took care of three children by himself. What a father!

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Then it was time to bring in the furniture.

He even got help from the kids in the last part!

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So all that was needed was to wait for Kate. When she got home, it's safe to say she was shocked.

She didn't understand how Miles managed to do all this!

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She was only gone for the weekend, but that was all the time Miles needed to show what a wonderful husband he was.

And after the makeover is complete, we have to admit it's definitely a stunning sight.

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If you want to see the whole renovation, watch the video below:

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What a wonderful job, and he did it in one weekend! Applause from us.

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