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Angry Simon Cowell mocked a 12-year-old on stage - the young boy silenced everyone with a memorable performance





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It's amazing how a little choice can affect someone's future and sometimes making that choice is not that easy.

That's exactly what happened to 12-year-old Shaheen Jafargholi - who had to learn it the hard way when he faced with the tough Simon Cowell.

Shaheen Jafargholi told the judges on Britain's Got Talent how he performs at family events and sings for his friends and family. While his mother waited and watched him becoming tense and stressed, the young boy began singing Amy Winehouse's hit "Valerie".

But the judges were not particularly impressed, especially Simon.

In his cruel and usual way Simon interrupted Shaheen in the middle of the song and stopped him.

Simon told the worried boy, "You did it wrong at all..", the boy said nothing and the audience held his breath.

But then Simon asked the boy if he sang other songs, and Shaheen said he sang Michael Jackson's song "Who's Lovin You" - a choice that was about to change everything.

So Shaheen was preparing for his second chance.

After just singing the first line of the song, the crowd went completely crazy and the judges were amazed at the boy’s talent. He let out an amazing voice and everyone was shocked.

The boy's audition was an emotional roller coaster: from disaster to euphoria ... and it's just amazing to watch it happend.

Watch the boy's amazing and emotional audition:

I like this

Despite the criticism Simon Cowell usually gets, it's clear he knows what he's doing. He realized that the boy's first song was not right for him, and although it seemed cruel at that moment, that was exactly what Shaheen needed.

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