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The crowd laughed at a 53-year-old lady farmer on stage, until she opened her mouth and silenced them completely





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What we like about talent shows is that everyone gets a chance - no matter the age, background or appearance. When someone who doesn't fit the stereotype goes onstage, people usually judge him before they see what he has to offer.

When Jacqueline Faye introduced herself to the X-Factor show in the UK and began to talk about the animals she had on her farm, most people, including judge Simon Cowell, didn't take her seriously. So when the lovely lady farmer Jacqueline opened her mouth, their reaction was simply tremendous.

Jacqueline's performance was released two weeks ago and has already been viewed more than 500,000 times. When you see the twist in her story you will understand why ..

Jacqueline was very stressed on stage when she spoke to the judges. She told them she lived on a farm with lots of animals. There are chickens, ducks, horses and even peacocks. No one knew exactly how to dig it, and some began to laugh and roll their eyes in contempt.

Simon's response said it all

The charming Robbie Williams, who seemed to be the only one who appreciated her story, asked her which song she plans to sing.

She told everyone that she chose to sing Cilla Black's 60-year-old hit song "You're My World" and started performing, and that's when everything changed.

Simon's expression changed completely and the audience moved from laughing to amazement and a complete enjoyment of Jacqueline's amazing singing talent.

By the end of the song the whole crowd were on their feet and Simon smiled big, along with everyone who recognized that there was a giant star standing before them!

Watch Jacqueline's amazing audition in the video below:

I like this

This talented woman is a perfect example of not judging a book only by it's cover. Did Simon discover the next Susan Boyle? Feel free to leave your thoughts on Facebook and share the impressive performance with your friends and family.


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