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Gang members dragged a cop into the woods to kill him - they had no idea what was waiting for them





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There is a reason why dogs ​​have been used as security measures for centuries, if not thousands of years.

We can always rely on our friends the dogs, they are loyal and you will defend and protect us. And that's what Officer Todd Fraser knows very well, after an encounter with gang members almost cost him his life.

Todd made a mistake and entered the trap of gang members who wanted to kill him. But they had no idea that Todd had a secret weapon, one that would eventually save his life.

While on patrol one day, Officer Fraser approached a car where an unconscious man was sitting. When he noticed the man looked distressed, he immediately went to work and tried to get into the car to see how he could help.

This was the moment when two other men jumped on him from behind. The three criminals worked together and dragged Officer Fraser into a nearby forest, beating him and telling him they were going to kill him.

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As Sheriff Don Bass explained: "They told him they would slit his throat, and they dragged him into the forest".

But fortunately, Officer Fraser had a trick in his sleeve to which the gang members were not ready. The policeman's belt had a special button that allowed him to open a special compartment in the police car and release his partner - Lucas the dog.

It wasn't a second that has passed since Todd pressed the button, and he had already heard Lucas run towards him, and, wow, the dog was very angry.

"He knew, I heard him come", Fraser said. "I could not see anything because of all the blood I had in my eyes, but I could hear him coming, growling and making sounds.. He sounded like a wolf, and I thought to myself, 'Now he's going to catch you'".

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Lucas arrived and began attacking the three men without hesitation. The criminals fled, but not without one of them leaving something behind.

"We do not know how many of them he attacked, we only know he was covered with blood", Sheriff Ricky Adam said about the hero dog.

Officer Fraser knows how lucky he was, "Three men attacked me, and I'm not a very big man, and they actually mowed me, thank God I had Lucas there, and I had the button on my belt, and as soon as I pressed the button Lucas jumped out of the car and attacked the three men and smuggled them in. That's why he is my hero".

Lucas tore a ligament and lost some teeth while he was doing his job, but he recovered completely after receiving the best veterinary care. He was awarded the title 'Hero of the Year' for his courage.

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What a wonderful reminder of the bravery and courage of dogs. Thank God Lucas was together with Officer Fraser, because this story could have ended completely differently.

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