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Massage these pressure points to instantly calm a crying or nervous baby





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Reflexology is an ancient form of therapy that uses pressure points in the body to relieve pain, and this can be a natural alternative for those looking to relieve pain.

People are always looking for ways to help your young children through reflexology, especially when it comes to babies who are still trying to get used to their new world and body.

We have compiled a list of six ways to help your little children with pain. Reflexology specialists also note that before you begin a massage, the baby should be relaxed and blood flow should be encouraged by a foot or hot bath.

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1. Headache and teeth

Babies will often suffer from headaches and teeth pain. If you notice that your child is suffering from these, massage the tips of his toes! You can do it even when they're asleep.

2. Sinus pain

Sinus pain can be very annoying when you are an adult, but for babies it is a brand new experience, and could be pure suffering. To relieve them, massage the middle of the lower part of the toes. Apply light pressure to provide pain relief!

3. Chest pain

When your child has congestion in the chest, relief can be found in the foot pads, just below the fingers and over the arch. Apply light pressure and massage with circular movements to relieve congestion and cough problems.

4. Pain in the stomach (solar plexus)

For children with abdominal pain, stomach pressure or respiratory difficulty, massage the middle of the foot under the ball where the arch starts. This area is connected to the solar plexus, a group of nerves between the abdomen and lungs.

5. Abdominal pain (upper and lower)

For constipation, heartburn, and indigestion, massage the area between the middle of the child's foot and the foot pads. If the child is suffering from excessive pain or swelling in the lower intestine, massage the area between the middle of the foot and the heel.

6. Pelvis

Babies can sometimes grow faster than certain organs in their body that are not ready for it, and pain in the hips can be a common problem for the little ones. Rub the heels to help with this problem! The heel can help constipation and abdominal pain as well!

For more serious problems always consult with a doctor, but for small daily problems reflexology can certainly help. Try these tips to help the little ones during their day!

Share this information with other parents so that they too will know how they can help their baby or child who is in pain.


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