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Mother made special pencils to help her son, until the teacher discovered it and reacted strongly





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When we send our children to school every day, we have no idea what the day prepares for them or how they will feel all day with their teachers and classmates when they are away from home, especially when they are young.

Most children know when you love them but a little reminder during the day is harmless.

One mother decided to take it to a completely different level when she sent her son to school. Her effort not only made his day at school but also moved a teacher so much that she had to share it on Facebook. She had no idea what responses she will get.

I like this

Amanda Cox taught her class when she asked the students to share their pencils because her were about to end.

"Today I didn't have many pencils, so I asked all the children to take out all the pencils they had at the school table, and one of the students asked me if he could keep the pencils his mother gave him to school", she wrote on Facebook.

'Melted my heart'

She agreed, and then the boy decided he wanted to show some of the pencils to his classmates.

Later, while Amanda sharpened the pencils, she noticed that there were small handwritten messages on the pencils; "What I read melted my heart," she added.

I like this

On the pencils was written:

- You are so talented.
- This will be a great year.
- You are creative.
- You are phenomenal.
- Never give up.
- You can do this.
- You are knowledgeable.
- You are a math whiz.
- You are intelligent.
- Proud of you everyday.
- I love you.
- You have a brilliant mind.
- You are wonderful.
- You are a problem solver.
- Follow your dreams.
- You are perfect.
- I am proud of you.
- You will change the world.
- You are amazing.
- You are the best.
- You are important.

Amanda noticed that the boy was not embarrassed at all by the pencils, but that he had confidence and was very enthusiastic about them, in fact so excited "that he wanted to show them to his classmates".

She added, "These are the things we have to remind our children (both parents and teachers). Imagine the child's look when reminded every day that he is important, talented, loved, wise, and so much more."

'Believe in them'

Amanda urges everyone to find ways to remind their children that they are special.

"Help them know that someone believes in them and is proud of everything they do, even if you think it's 'chizzy' or you don't have time or it will not have any effect .. Remember that you are the only ones who say these things to them and every child needs to know what he is worth", she said.

Amanda's post on Facebook received hundreds of thousands of likes and hundreds of thousands of shares in just one week.

Every child should be reminded of how special he is. It gives him confidence to do things to be nice and good to others.

Please share to inspire others.


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