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11 strange grandma's home remedies that work perfectly





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When I was little, 3 or 4 years old, I had bad luck and I got stung by a spider. Fortunately, the sting wasn't terrible and I didn't need hospital treatment. But it was certainly not fun.

But to tell you the truth, I quickly forgot about the pain, and to this day I remember only one thing: the strange home remedy my mother used, which she learned from her mother, to reduce the swelling and relieve pain.

It may sound strange, but I can tell you first hand that a slice of potato on the sting wrapped in an elastic bandage worked wonderfully! After sleeping with it all night, I woke in the morning as if nothing had happened to me.

Read on and find out more amazing home remedies that really work.

1. Arthritis

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Dip raisins in gin overnight, and eat them - 10 raisins a day. Don't worry, you will not get drunk, but the vitamins in the grapes and the anti-inflammatory properties of the gin will help reduce swelling and relieve pain.

2. Bad breath

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Instead of chewing gum to cover up bad breath, take some celery or parsley and chew it. It will freshen up the smell of your mouth, and will also help digestion!

3. Ear pain

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Squeeze lemon juice on an ear stick or cotton ball and gently apply on the inside of the ear. This will help restore pH balance and neutralize harmful bacteria.

4. Hair loss

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Boil tea from Equisetum (Horsetail) or Urtica, both of which contain large quantities of silica, a chemical that strengthens the hair tissue you still have. But don't consume too much, because silica can have a toxic effect on the kidneys if consumed in large quantities.

5. Exhaustion

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Adding sweet potato to your daily menu will help support your hormones with plenty of vitamin A and antioxidants, and it will also help to lower cholesterol.

6. Warts

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Squash red licorice with vaseline to soothe the warts, and this is because of the estrogen-like ingredients found in the sweet snack.

7. Nausea and travel sickness

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The bad feeling only increases when you start to produce too much saliva, something that the tannin in olives help with alot.

8. Urinary tract infection

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Adding a little bit of baking soda to a glass of water will turn your bladder into an alkaline, causing bacteria to become more difficult to reproduce.

9. Digestive problems

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Feel bloated after a good meal? Take these dried apricots - full of potassium and fiber and you will never have to worry about opening the button on your pants again.

10. Warts

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If you cover the wart with tape, it will choke out of oxygen within a few days

11. Spider bites

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As we noted at the beginning of the article, it's something I've experienced. Potatoes will not only help you against the itching, they will also keep your skin from drying out.


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