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7 Stretches that will give you great relief from back pain and nerves in a short time - your body will thank you





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Sciatic nerve irritation can cause pain in the back and legs. Most people will experience it at some point in their life, some will feel it stronger than others.

But sciatica can be so painful that it will ruin your daily life. And that's why we wanted to share with you these simple exercises to give you relief from the pain.

First of all we will explain what sciatica is, in order to understand the cause of the pain. You experience sciatica when the sciatic nerve contracts, causing sharp pain in your legs and buttocks. The pain can be so bad sometimes that you will not be able to walk.

According to experts on the subject, sciatica can be caused by injuries, infections and muscle problems, among others. Sometimes the cause is unclear. The best thing is to consult a doctor, but at the same time, you can try these exercises:

1. Standing stretch

Stand straight and place one foot on the opposite knee. Bend your thighs as if you were about to sit on a chair. Hold the position until you feel your muscles begin to stretch. Then repeat the action on the opposite side.

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2. Stretching lying down

It's the same process as the first stretch, only you do it lying down. The leg on the floor is pulled back toward the chest so that the opposite leg stretches.

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3. Stretching the thigh

Lie on your back. Bend your right knee so that it points to the ceiling. Then rotate the knee in the opposite direction (left) so that it is above the other knee. Try keeping your upper body straight towards the ceiling.

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4. Tailbone stretch

Take a yoga mat. Sit on your knees. Stretch one leg back and let your body lean forward. You will feel a strong stretch, which is a sign that it works and helps. Do this several times so that the pain will decrease every time.

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5. Stretching the groin

Sit on the floor and spread your legs as far as you can. Move forward as far as you can until you feel the stretch. Hold the position for a few seconds.

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6. Hip extension

This exercise is very easy. Begin on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees directly under your hips on a mattress, and lift your leg back until your heel is facing the ceiling. Then lower the leg and repeat the action. Do this 5 times for each leg.

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7. Sedentary stretching

Take a chair and sit straight. Lift one leg and pull it over the other. Then lean forward to feel a stretch in the buttocks and posterior thigh.

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Whether or not these stretches will help you depends on how often you do them and on the level of pain you are suffering from, but they can certainly help when you do them regularly. Also make sure to consult your doctor if some of these feel uncomfortable or painful for you.

And of course.. feel free share these important tips with your friends and family


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