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Pain in the foot, knee or hip? These 6 simple tips can change your life





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Luck was not on my side as I inherited my mother's bad knees. That means I have frequent knee pain. I have had several surgeries over the years, but my knees are still stiff and it makes me feel very uncomfortable.

Pain in the knees, feet and thighs sometimes indicates damage to the ligament or cartilage. Diagnosis of this problem can be confusing, because problems in the thighs can lead to knee pain, and knee problems can cause pain in the feet.

They always recommended that I do conservative exercises to make my joints feel better, but I never knew exactly how to do them. And above all, I never found the time to do them.

But recently I came across some tips to help keep and protect people with hip, knee, and foot pain. Here are six simple exercises that really helped me, and I hope they will do the same for you ...

Ankle rotation

I like this

To strengthen weak ankles, you must do the following:

Standing on the balls of your feet

I like this

It may sound strange, but it's a super simple exercise that you can do as you walk through your house while doing regular chores.

Try walking on the balls of your feet, and also on your heels at high speed - it helps strengthen your knees and provides little training to your feet. It also helps with balance.

Try to do it between 5 and 15 minutes, or until you get tired.

Body lifts with your toes

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To start, take a chair and stand behind it, and use your hands for balance.

This will strengthen your ankles and help to build muscle around the knees.

Resistance Exercise

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For this exercise you will need an elastic band.

This exercise strengthens several things, like the muscles in the foot and thigh.

Circling your toes

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Training your toe on a daily basis can do wonders. And it's also fun to invent games for it.

Use balls

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It's both relaxing and also good to combine balls in your practice.

Tip of champions

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Acupuncture and foot massage are used all over the world.

If after a long day you have a problem, place two thumbs on the position like in the picture above, and slowly massage the area for 15 minutes.

I hope these exercises will help you as they helped me!

Please share these tips with your friends by clicking the share button below. Their body will thank you later!


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