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A sad dog was found abandoned in a train station tied to a suitcase with his favorite toys





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If you ever saw the lovely children's film "Paddington", based on a British book from 60 years ago, you may remember the sad scene when the bear arrived at London Station was alone and confused.

When it happened in real life to the dog in the following story, his sad story reminded of Paddington and captivated thousands.

Kai, a mixed Sharpei dog, was found abandoned in a train station in Scotland, alongside a suitcase full of his belongings.

He desperately needed eye surgery and was very confused by the situation. His story became viral to animal lovers all over the world and adoption requests came from all corners of the earth.

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Kai was found attached to a suitcase that contained a pillow, a toy, food, and a bowl of food.

Animal cruelty in Scotland found a chip that led them to the previous owner who claimed to have sold Kai a few years earlier. No one knew who his new owner was.

'A sale that went wrong'

A woman from Aberdeenshire, Scotland, said the dog's abandonment was the result of a sale that went wrong.

The woman said she had responded to an ad online and agreed to buy the dog for $600, but changed her mind the moment she reached the train station to meet the seller, according to this report.

She said the salesman had left before she could talk to him and had to leave quickly to avoid missing her train. She was also worried about her daughter who was suffering from asthma.

Abandoning animals is an offense in Scotland. Anyone who is convicted of this offense can not raise a pet for the rest of his life.

Luckily, Kai's story had a happy ending. Among the hundreds of people who proposed adopting it, one dog lover was chosen.

A permanent home

Ian Russell, 52, was chosen by Scottish Animal Abuse as the most suitable candidate.

Watch how happy Kai is to meet his new owner:

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We're so happy that Kai had a happy ending. No dog is supposed to go from house to house and be abandoned in such a way. Please share the story with all the dog lovers you know!


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