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A dog was left to die with his mouth and feet tied - now watch as two plumbers stop their car to save his life





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Carlos Carrillo, a plumber, was on his way to work one morning with his co-worker when they noticed something in a ditch by the side of the road.

He slowed the car to investigate what it was - it was a dog!

He immediately pulled over the car and went outside to help the poor dog.

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When they looked closely, they discovered a terrible thing: the dog's mouth and legs were tied with a band, and he was also tied with a tube so he could not get out. The dog was abandoned in the ditch by some monster human who did it.

The plumbers wanted to save the dog from the death penalty and immediately began to work with their tools to release the dog. At the same time, they knew they needed to be gentle and sensitive with the dog.

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After releasing the poor dog, they immediately went to the shelter of a local association. The dog was not aggressive at all despite everything that had happened. It was clear he understood that they were saving him.

His gentle nature was good news for the workers of the association who had to try and find a home for him.

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Except for worms, the rescued dog was in relatively good condition. While the veterinarian was taking care of him, she noticed that he had not stopped wagging his tail. The dog was desperate for love!

It's horrifying to think how someone could throw him away and leave him to die. He was lucky that he was found and now he gets all the love and respect he deserves.

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We are so happy that this dog will have another chance for a happy life!


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