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A known furniture store opened its doors to help keep stray dogs away from the cold





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If you're like us, the idea of abandoning dogs in the streets so they'll live in cold and solitude will make you very angry.

Fortunately, there are many people in the world who try and help cats and street dogs survive and find warm and loving homes.

The good and compassionate guys at IKEA branch in Catania, Italy, are some of these good people. According to reports, there are a lot of wandering dogs living in the area of ​​Ikea in the city, so they decided to do something that all businesses should pay attention to.

It turns out that the IKEA branch in question decided to go above and beyond and bring the dogs that roam into the building during the evening and night. Thus the dogs get a warm place to sleep during the cold winter.

Martine Taccia, who witnessed the wonderful gesture, said: "This is not something to be taken for granted".

"The dogs get food and treats from the employees and the customers, some dogs even found permanent homes and returned home with customers".

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According to the reports, this IKEA branch has not published or bragged about this service, but it has not disappeared from the eyes of passers by. You can see regular dogs walking around the store on a daily basis, and customers don't complain about it, on the contrary.

The dogs are just happy to be in a warm and pleasant place out of the cold. If you want to get an idea of the dog's lack of showroom, look at the pictures below.







And what would you say about this video:

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We can only hope that other businesses will adopt the idea and give our furry friends a warm and pleasant place where they can sleep during the cold winter months.

It's our wish that no dog will have to live in the streets. Share the article if you agree!


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