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5 things you should never do when you wash your towels





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Most of us can agree that at least once a week we clean the house. And it's not always easy with the fast and stressful lifestyle that many of us live.

But when it comes to washing the shower and kitchen towels, the answer to that statement can vary.

When is it a good time to wash them? For some it's once a week, for others it's when they stink.

But it turns out we've been doing it wrong all our lives. Read the 5 common mistakes many of us make with our towels, and how we should wash them instead.

1. Washing them too infrequently

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You may think you are washing your towels on a regular basis and it does not matter if you skip a week if the laundry pile is already high, but this turns out to be a mistake.

In fact, you should wash the shower towels after only 3-4 uses, as a damp towel attracts bacteria and very quickly begins to stink.

And kitchen towels, or towels that hang where the sink is in the shower, which need to be washed even more often.

These towels should be washed once every two days as they hang in areas where bacteria are blooming and more people are using them.

2. Hang several towels on the same rack

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A common mistake that gets towels dirty faster is if they hang close to each other.

If the towels are not well ventilated, the dirt will stay on them. This leads to the accumulation of bacteria which are in the perfect environment for mold formation.

If you want your towels to stay clean for longer, make sure they hang far away from each other, or better yet - over a dedicated drying rack.

3. Washing at low temperature

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If you wash your towels often, then it is important to wash them properly.

Washing the towels at a temperature below 60 degrees celcius - may not kill all the bacteria.

A good tip is to check the operating instructions and then wash the towels at the recommended temperature to make sure the towels come out as fresh and clean as possible.

4. Adding too much washing liquid

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After reading that bacteria accumulate quickly on your towels, people may forgive you if you think you need to add a lot of detergent and fabric softener.

But in fact towels are made so that they are meant to absorb the excess liquids so if you overdo it with the detergents, the towels will absorb the excess liquid which can't guarantee that more bacteria and mold will be attracted to them. Same with fabric softener, so add the recommended amount, no more.

5. You don't shake the towel

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Last but not least - don't forget to shake the towels when you take them out of the washing machine / dryer.

Shaking the towels after washing and drying is something most of us don't do and it helps to get rid of dust or detergents left on them.

Please share these tips with your friends and family so they too will know the best ways to keep their towels clean and fresh!


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