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2 eggs only: Eliminate knee and joint pain with this natural treatment





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The knee is one of the most important joints in our body. Thanks to our knees the thigh bone, the calf and the collar stay together and can smooth and create movements such as running, walking, stopping, sitting, etc.

Knee erosion can cause discomfort, the most common are pain and inflammation, but it can also lead to loss of movement. It's therefore very important to treat the knees early. If we do, we can avoid difficult situations and prevent permanent damage to the joints.

Knee pain: Treat it with natural treatment

If you want to get rid of knee pain without medication, this article is for you.

Knee erosion is common, especially in older ages. But fortunately, there are natural ingredients that can treat the problem and relieve pain without consuming drugs and chemicals. All you need are 2 eggs.

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How to relieve knee pain:

You need:


Whisk the egg yolk well, and add the salt.


1. Dip cotton wool in the egg yolk and place on the aching knee, use the elastic bandage to hold the cotton in place.

2. Leave the cotton wool for two hours and then remove.

3. Repeat this treatment 4 times a day.

How this treatment works:

Salt contains a high level of manganese. The mineral is absorbed through the skin and reduces the inflammation that causes knee pain.

Egg yolk contains a high level of proteins and minerals that can penetrate through the skin and strengthen the tissues, ligaments and bones.


Another method to relieve knee pain is to wrap it in ice. You can put the ice 4-5 times during the day for 10-15 minutes, and it will complete the treatment with the egg.

In addition, you can gently massage your knees with mustard essential oil. Mustard is a spice that has proved to be beneficial for blood flow. By improving blood flow in the area, inflammation will decrease, and you will feel pain relief.


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