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A fireman rescued 8 labrador puppies from a drainage pit, and suddenly realized they were not dogs at all





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Animal rescue can be both difficult and stressful.

Sometimes the spoken animal is trapped in strange and hard places to reach. It can either be high on a tree, sometimes within a thorny bush - and in the worst cases, puppies have been abandoned or left by their mother in the smallest places to reach.

In these situations, the rescuers have to be careful and dedicated.

Maybe that's why firemen do an excellent job in rescuing trapped animals.

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When firefighter Brian Vaughan received the call, he immediately realized it was a state of emergency.

8 small puppies were trapped in a drainage pit. Those who called the firemen believed that the dispatch of black labrador pups had been abandoned in the pipeline by their owners.

20 minutes after the firefighters arrived, all the puppies were rescued from the drainage pit. They didn't seem to have been injured and were then taken to the Humane Rescue shelter.

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But it was only when the puppies arrived to the shelter, that the firemen realized they were not puppies at all. In fact, the black puppies became red lumps.

"One of the veterinarians said: 'No, these are not Labradors, they are foxes'", Vaughan said.

Foxes are very common in the areas around the Rocky Mountains, where the moor is located.

Travis Sauder, director of the Colorado Nature Reserve, said he was not surprised that the firefighters had received the call. Nor was he surprised that the foxes were where they had been found.


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