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A baby baboon fell into a lioness's lap, so the camera documented the lioness's amazing response





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Every now and then we run into stories from the animal kingdom that leave us simply with a gaping mouth.

The stories that always touch us the most are those where animals exhibit amazing compassion towards each other.

And here's a story from the north of Botswana, Africa, which is just like that.

Nature photographers Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzworth witnessed an amazing and rare spectacle while they were in the nature reserve one day. Fortunately, they were able to document the event in a series of spectacular images that have since spread through the net like wildfire.

It all began when a lioness attacked a band of baboons, catching and killing a female baboon while doing so.

But in seconds it was obvious that the baboon female was not alone; her little baby still held her body.

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The cub tried to escape as he ran toward a tree to climb it. But he was too small and too weak to climb.

That was when the lioness turned her attention to him.

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The photographers who witnessed the spectacle were afraid of the worst to happend: that the lioness would devour the little baboon in a moment.

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But instead, a miracle happened. The lioness walked slowly and gently towards the baboon-and within a few minutes she began a friendly interaction with him.

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The amazing and delicate lioness picked the baboon up with her mouth and took it with her. Moments later, the two of them curled up together.

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The baboon pup seemed to adopt the lioness as his new mother, and the lioness's maternal instinct began to work.

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Moments later, a lion arrived. The lioness immediately got up and rushed him away, as can be seen from the rare documentation below.

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As the whole event unfolded, the baby baboon's father sat on a tree close by, watching over things.

He took the opportunity when the lioness was distracted-and immediately got out of the tree, picked up his puppy, and climbed back up.

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Amazing! At first he was rescued by the lioness, and then by his brave father - looks like angels certainly kept this little baboon that day!

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The whole event is simply amazing - from the friendliness of the lioness towards the little baboon, to the courageous father who descended heroically and rescued him at the end. Share if you're excited by the love of the lioness and dad!


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