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Must watch: Dramatic chase between 30 snakes and an Iguana became the best documentary footage of the year!





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With all respect to last year's american elections, the best "race of the year" definitely belongs to a group of 30 snakes and a young Iguana from the island Fernandina in the Galapagos Islands.

In a footage that can easily make it to hollywood, the young Iguana finds itself in a race against 30 hungry snakes that challenged its survival instincts, and against all odds it managed to escape.

This rare footage was captured by the cameras of "Planet Earth II" - a new documentary show of the BBC.

The clip starts with one snake that chases the Iguana and leads it, by chance, to many other hungry snakes. After many thrilling seconds, the Iguana escapes again - when an army of snakes are chasing it this time.

We don't want to tell you the spoiler, but we do promise that it is thrilling at least as much as the elections!

So here's the amazing video, we highly recommend watching it in high quality:

I like this

According to The Guardian, the first episode of the show, which was presented by the wild life expert Sir David Attenborough, was the highest watched nature documentary episode in the UK in the last 15 years, being watched by 9.2 million viewers.

If you ask yourself how did they manage to shoot such a perfect footage of animals chasing each other? Well, they insist it was all just a matter of luck. The filming crew sent to the distant island who were aiming at picturing Iguana's births, were just in the right spot - at the right time.

In the show they said it was the first time snakes were filmed "cooperating" in mass hunting. Although they quickly noted that snakes aren't realy working together to catch the Iguana - its every snake for itself.

Here's a video showing how this was all filmed:

I like this

And here's another one explaining at 360 degrees angle:

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