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Lioness discovered that the antelope she ate was pregnant - her next move stunned the whole world





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They say that what distinguishes humans from animals is our innate sense of consciousness.

But we also know that animals can show compassion and sympathy towards each other - and of course people.

But we've never seen anything like this before.

Some animals are predators, some are prey, and some are both. Lions are the kings of the jungle and are at the top of the food chain.

They are powerful creatures who are also known as scary hunters - which can make you think they are heartless creatures without any awareness at all.

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An amazing event was documented by workers at the safari at Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa, and this is an event that amazes the whole world. As they walked around the reserve, the crew discovered that a lioness had caught and hunted her prey - a large antelope.

But moments after she caught the antelope, she suddenly stopped. She discovered the unborn baby of the antelope in her mother's stomach.

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What happened next was simply amazing - and it just got even more amazing in every moment afterwards. She immediately took a step back and stopped eating. She took the fetus gently and put it down, walking around it, as if trying to find out if he was alive.

"I've seen lions and lionesses eat prey who were pregnant, but usually they continue to eat as if nothing happened", said Gary Van der Walt, head of the safari team.

"But this time, what I saw left me speechless", he added. "As soon as the fetus got out of the mother, the lioness laid the fetus gently on the ground, and spent a long time smelling and exploring the embryo of the antelope".

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"She gently placed the fetus on the ground, all the while looking sideways and looking tense and stressed, she continued to push the newborn lightly with her head, rolling it gently, before lifting it from his neck as if he were one of her puppies", Gary said.

When the lioness finally realized that the fetus was dead, she gently picked it up and placed it behind a bush, as if giving him a respectable burial place. So she stayed nearby, as if she were mourning him.

"We watched her walk cautiously towards the bush in which she laid the embryo carefully under tall weeds, pushing it a few times with her head, still looking sideways as if she was expecting help or danger", Gary added.

And if that was not enough, the lioness' next move stunned a group of eyewitnesses. She stopped eating completely, and just laid down beside her prey, as if feeling guilty and regretful. And there she stayed for a while.

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"It was certainly one of the most extraordinary and amazing events I have ever seen of lioness or lion behavior, what did she think, why did she behave like that?", Gary wondered.

For us, it can not be clearer. This amazing event proves that animals show compassion and even remorse for their behavior. Who can blame the lioness who hunted her prey? It's her natural instinct. And yet, although this is a perfectly natural behavior, she felt guilty after the act and displayed an amazing behavior that even we humans can envy!

Animals are simply amazing. Share the story if you agree.


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