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Add a teaspoon of baking soda the next time you cook hard boiled eggs - the reason is just brilliant!





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I like eggs, and eat them at least twice a week.

No matter the style - scrambled, flat omelette, egg in the nest, and hard boiled eggs.

Hard boiled eggs go great with so many things, and there's nothing easier to make than this, but it turns out there are some tricks that can upgrade even this relatively simple dish.

Hopefully, they will make your life easier in the future.

You may have noticed that some eggs are easier to boil, and other eggs are tougher - even if they came from the same carton.

But did you know that it's not just easier to peel the eggs, but that they are also ideal for cooking when they are 7-10 days old?

Here are some tricks for cooking the ultimate hard egg:

1. Are you fed up with hard boiled eggs that break when you try to peel them? Try adding a teaspoon of baking soda to the water where the eggs are. This will raise the level of water alkalinity - making it easier for you to peel the eggs.

2. This trick will tell you how old are the eggs: Put an egg in the water and see what happens. If it sinks horizontally (on the side), it's fresh. If it sinks vertically, it's ideal for cooking. And if it floats in the water, it's an old egg.

I like this

3. Do your eggs crack in the water and create a big white mess? Try to sprinkle some salt in the water. This will cause a faster coagulation of the protein. So if an egg crackles, less protein comes out before the crack is sealed.

4. Eggs stored in the refrigerator are colder and more easily crushed when dropped into boiling water. To make sure they do not crack, put the cold eggs in the water before placing the pot on the water, and let them warm up with the water.

5. Are hard boiled eggs your favorite? Let them sit in cold water for a few minutes, and you will have no problem peeling them. (You can also add ice cubes to the water to cool down faster).

These are wonderful tips for anyone who likes eggs. Don't forget to share them with friends and family!


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