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A 91-year-old gave a sperm sample to the worried doctor - three days later he received the shocking news





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As you age, your body begins to suffer from all sorts of problems. That's why it is wonderful that you don't have to work from a certain age - taking the right pills, vitamins and minerals can be a form of work as well.

Well, this may be a slight exaggeration - but once you reach a certain age, you deserve a lot of free time to do what you want to do.

But to do that, you need to be healthy and be able to smile and laugh at life, or you will not appreciate the free time you have. As my grandmother used to say, sharing of pleasure is a double pleasure - and I certainly think she's right about it.

This story certainly made us smile, and we hope you will love it too!

A 91-year-old man was asked by his doctor to give a sperm sample as part of a medical examination.

The doctor gave the man the glass. "Take this cup home and return a sample of sperm tomorrow."

The next day the 91-year-old came to the doctor's office and gave him the glass, which was as empty and clean as the day before.

I like this

The doctor looked at the glass in amazement and asked, "What happened?"

The old man explained, "Well, Doctor, that's what happened - first I tried with my right hand, but nothing. So I tried with my left hand, still nothing. So I asked my wife to help me. She tried with her right hand, then with her left hand, and still nothing. She tried with her mouth, first with her teeth, then without her teeth, still nothing. We even called Rosa - our neighbor - and she also tried, at first with two hands, then with her armpit, she even tried to squeeze it with her knees, but still nothing.."

I like this

The doctor was shocked

With eyes wide open, the doctor asked, "Excuse me, did you ask your neighbor?"

With a big smile, the old man answered, "Yes, none of us could open the lid of the glass."

He certainly was not ready for it! Share if you laughed!


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