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17 excellent ways to keep your fridge clean and organized





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Your refrigerator is one of the most important electric products in your house.

It is the storage area for food and beverage. So it is very important to keep it clean and sanitary.

If your refrigerator is dirty, it can lead to all kinds of problems like food poisoning and other health problems related to food. On the other hand, you also don't want to clean the fridge every week.

That's why we collected for you a list of smart and creative ways to keep your refrigerator and freezer clean and organized.

Chalkboard fridge

Paint a chalkboard on the refrigerator door, so you can easily update your family what to eat for dinner. You can find full instructions here.

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Or use an erasable board

If you don't want to paint a chalkboard, then use an erasable board to write on the refrigerator. This can help you track your inventory. Make sure not to keep unerasable pensin the fridge area!

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Prepare a basket 'eat me first'

One of the things we most struggle with is disposable food. It's easy to forget them when they are in the fridge. To stop worrying about wasted food, prepare an "eat me first" basket where you put the things to eat first. Now you can reduce the amount of food you throw away.

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A special snack area

If you have kids, they love to open the fridge and leave a mess only to get the snacks they love. To avoid this problem, get a snack area fridge dedicated and filled with healthy snacks like Granola, yogurt, nuts and fruit.

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Sweet freeze shelves

Turn the bags and folders to freeze shelves. Flip them over and now you have shelves!

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Plastic freezer baskets

Plastic baskets is a great way to organize things in the house, so naturally, they are also excellent for organizing things in the fridge.

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Put labels

When using baskets for the fridge, remember to label the contents so you can easily find what you are looking for. It also allows you to know quickly and easily what is missing from home before you go shopping.

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Decrease the sauces mess

Buy pressable bottles and label them to minimize the mess in the fridge.

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Take & go basket

Add a special basket in the fridge for items you take and go, like fruits. It should be easy to reach for anyone looking for something quick to eat.

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The PIN trick

Use a pin on the freezer shelves to maximize storage space

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A DIY bottom for shelves

Cleaning the refrigerator shelves is an annoying task. You need to remove all items from the fridge just to do it. To avoid this, use a hook or a mat to clean up the mess.

Cut a bottom plate to fit on the shelf. And when you need to clean, take it out, and put them in the sink.

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Rotating tray

Rotating tray is not just for restaurants. It can also be useful to your refrigerator. It makes everything in the refrigerator within reach. You don't have to look to the rear of the refrigerator to start to move things, and remove them.

It also prevents all kinds of unpleasant mold smells..

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Freezer bags

If you have a drawer freezer, organize the contents with a multi-use disposable shopping bag

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Efficient egg basket

If you don't have egg cartons in the fridge, then create them yourself.

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Opened at ...

Use duct tape and marker to write the date when you opened an item. It helps you to know when it's supposed to go.

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Food in magnetic boxes

Connect side plastic boxes with a magnet to the side of the fridge. This is a great way to store small snacks like nuts or seeds.

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Knowing where to store items

Believe it or not, the freezer temperature varies according to the location. Your refrigerator may show a certain temperature, but is not completely accurate. Knowing where to store your food you can extend its expiration date.

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