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This is how you can detoxify your body through your feet





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As you probably already know, there are many methods to clean toxins from the body. Whether a special juice, or detox with fruits and vegetables, the main objective of these techniques is to remove the unwanted toxins that affect on your health.

But did you know you can remove toxins through the feet? In fact, this method works fine and you don't need a special menu for it.

Regularly there are unwanted toxins in our body

These toxins can disrupt hormonal activity and normal brain functioning – and affects the immune system. Detoxification of the body is popular, and this may not be the most popular method, but detoxifying through the feet is most effective.

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One of the popular methods to detox out of the feet is by using special foot pads.
One popular pad can be found here and it cleans the toxins from the body and should also reduce pain in the legs.

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The result is pretty nasty, but that means it's working.

The great thing about foot detoxification pads is that they are made from natural materials like bamboo, and wood extracts.

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Another method is to take a bath for the feet. You can do it easily and inexpensively with a few simple ingredients.

First of all, pour Epsom Salt into a tub with hot water.

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Add a generous amount of Apple Cider vinegar. But not the whole bottle.

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It's time to tuck your feet in. Half an hour is a realistic amount of time.

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Another method is an electric foot bath

The method work by loading the water in positive and negative ions. Add sea salt to the tub. The Ionization process takes out toxins through the feet.

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As you can see, the tub is working fine and quickly.
Do not be afraid if the water turn brown. It's a good thing! Nice to see the toxins leave the body, isn't it? Hard to argue that the method does not work when you see the image below.

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Here's an interesting video with additional information about detoxification through the feet.

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