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Do you drink Diet drinks? Then you need to stop now! Here's why





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Do you drink Diet drinks instead of regular drinks to avoid intake of calories? Then maybe you should think again! Because Aspertame (artificial sweetener) is more dangerous than we thought.

A researcher from the University of Iowa big research about the health effects to be diet drinks and he warned us.

Diet drinks contain Aspertame, artificial sweetener is 200 times sweeter than sugar, but has no calories. It is used mostly in soft drinks, but also in other food products. And the problem is that aspertame is not healthier than sugar, as confirming the study examined 60,000 people in 10 years.

The results were shocking and showed that people who drank two cans of diet coke a day increase their risk of cardiovascular disease by 30%. And if that's not enough, it increases the risk of dying from a heart attack at 50%!

Aspertame has many additional negative effects. Along with other things, it increases the risk of depression, which increases the risk of illness. Moreover, people suffering from depression often develop harmful habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and lack of physical activity.

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Unfortunately, aspertame has additional negative effects on the body and the soul, and can be the trigger for the following diseases:

Anxiety, mood swings, Alzheimer's disease, fibromyalgia, headaches, dizziness, lupus, hyperactivity, aggressiveness, muscle atrophy, abdominal pain

If the study will have effect on using aspertame, we will only know as time comes. European food authority says there is no danger in consuming aspertame. And the chemical was approved by the United States Department of agriculture. Whether they change their minds as a result of the study, only time will tell.


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