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They discovered that their dog doesn't sleep at night and just stares at them. The reason scared them to the bone





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A dog is man's best friend and most people love their dogs with all their heart. When we choose to bring a new dog into the home, it is clear that we will love them unconditionally.

It is important that dogs get the love, security and attention they need.

This story shows that you shouldn't play with a dog's trust, as a married couple and their three children learned when they decided to adopt a golden retriever dog. The kids and the dog became best friends instantly. They always played together and looked out for each other.

The dog was very intelligent, he quickly learned exercises and commands. The children always taught him new things. It was clear that the dog likes to play and be near his family. But soon after the adoption he started behaving strangely. The dog sat outside the parents' bedroom every night.

The mother and father were sleeping with the door open and very quickly noticed that every night the dog was sitting outside their bedroom door.

Every night he sat there and stared at them with his big brown eyes. It turns out that he did not sleep at night, and in the morning he was the first to greet his mother and father.

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Since the family previously had two dogs that never behaved like this, they wondered if there was something wrong with their dog: maybe he wanted to warn them or maybe he was sick.

They took him to the vet, where they were told that their dog was perfectly healthy. That was the moment they decided to return to the place where they adopted the dog from, to find out and understand why he behaves so strangely at nights.

The staff at the kennel from where the dog was adopted had an explanation, and this explanation broke the hearts of the family members. The reason is that the previous and irresponsible owner of the dog left him in the middle of the night, so that he could abandon him without looking him in the eye. The owner never got back to him.

The dog did not understand what happened. Where did its owner go? When he woke up in the morning, the whole environment was completely different. The dog feared that everything he had would disappear overnight, which is why he did not dare to sleep.

Fortunately, the dog ended up with a family that would never let him down, but unfortunately, his fear of abandonment still remained.

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The family couldn't hold back the tears when they heard the story and thought about how they could help their furry friend.

To restore his self-confidence, they put a dog bed next to the parents' bed. They wanted to show him that they wanted him close and that they would never leave him. It took him a long time to get used to the new routine.

A few weeks later, the owners saw that the dog was sleeping. Since then, the dog has been living happily and luckily he ended up with people who love him and take care of him just like a family member. I wish all dogs had the chance to find the people who truly love them!


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