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How to use watermelon as medicine





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We are sure that everyone loves watermelon, because it is not only delicious and refreshing, it's also very healthy.

It's especially important for athletes because this food contains an amino acid called L-citrulline. This amino acid is responsible that the time it takes for muscles to recover after hard training is reduced.

Scientists from the University of Cartagena, Colombia, claim that fresh watermelon juice is the best solution for sensitive muscles and muscle pain. In addition, they say that the amino acid L-citrulline accelerates the breakdown of excess lactic acid from our muscles.

If we do hard training, we will notice the contraction of the muscle. This is the result of the lactic acid. People who drink fresh watermelon juice before intense workouts have found that this drink can be very beneficial.

Watermelon has a high amount of L-citrulline, more than any other fruit. The watermelon also contains several vitamins such as vitamin C, B and A and they help the functioning of the kidneys, regulate high blood pressure and improve the health of the heart and blood vessels.

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An excellent remedy for kidney stones are watermelon seeds

Watermelon seeds are also very beneficial. We don't have to spit them out.

Watermelon seeds were used in Chinese medicine as a treatment for kidney stones a long time ago. They are rich in potassium and magnesium which is why they are so effective in preventing this medical condition.

Watermelon is an excellent fruit to eat because it contains many vitamins and minerals that improve health. It is important that you know that there are very few calories in watermelon and you can find it in almost every country around the world.

Several facts about the health value of watermelon

We can eat watermelon as much as we want, as it is very low in calories. It is also perfect for cleansing the body because it contains a very large amount of water.

You should also know that the watermelon contains beta-carotene (the natural coloring substance carotenoid that gives fruits and vegetables their deep color and in the body it turns into vitamin E), copper and fiber, and also the vitamins: B1, B2, B3, B-5, B-6 and vitamin C.

In addition, the minerals calcium, iodine, malic acid, magnesium, potassium, protein, cellulose, phosphorus, natural sugar, zinc and the essential acids: folic and citric and even lycopene (which is also present in tomatoes and has been proven to protect the skin from sun damage and preserves its youth).

Due to the high amounts of vitamin C and beta-carotene, this excellent fruit can be very useful in preventing many heart diseases. In addition to this, it also contains a large amount of vitamin B-6, so it can relieve stress and improve mental abilities.

The best way to eat watermelon

You can make all kinds of combinations of watermelon juice with the juices of other fruits, in order to enhance its healing properties. It is recommended to eat it when it is cold.

You can also prepare watermelon desserts for yourself and your guests. It's interesting to discover that there are countries where watermelon seeds are used to make a certain type of bread.

As you probably understand, watermelon has a large number of health benefits. You can enjoy it in so many ways, and it's also very tasty, so there's no reason why you shouldn't eat it during the hot summer days, when you're sweating and need more water.

Watermelon is also an excellent detoxifier and antioxidant! which prevents many diseases, adds fluids to your body and thus doesn't allow your body to reach a state of dehydration.


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