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7 sure reasons why sleeping naked is better than sleeping with clothes on





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It's interesting to see how humans are still governed by conventions from the past. And this is certainly true when it comes to our sleeping habits.

Sleeping in clothes or pajamas originated in India and Southeast Asia, also traditional sleep clothes for women and men have existed for many years.

But it wasn't until the end of the 19th century that pajamas became popular in Europe - when British fashion influenced colonial life.

The pajamas were preferred by British men and thus it spread throughout the continent and became a trend in the rest of Europe and the United States.

And although today not everyone sleeps in pajamas, many still sleep with some kind of clothing on them.

Everyone should sleep in what feels most comfortable to them, but those who sleep naked can receive many benefits. If you sleep with clothes on, you may be missing out on a lot!

Here are some benefits to sleeping naked in case you feel the temptation to try..

1. You'll sleep better

The key to good sleep is body temperature. The body temperature drops slightly during the night, because a lower temperature is part of the body's natural sleep cycle - especially during deep sleep.

But if you sleep with clothes on it may disturb the sleep cycle. The natural drop in body temperature sometimes does not exist in those who sleep with clothes on, so their quality of sleep is less good.

2. You'll feel sexier

Waking up naked next to your partner is an unparalleled feeling. She can put you in a sexy and confident mood.

If the first thing you feel in the morning is the naked skin of your partner, it is natural that you will feel closer and more intimate with them. This can lead to an increase in self-confidence and make you feel more beautiful.

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3. You can lose weight

It sounds almost too good to be true, but there is truth behind it. The Huffington Post published that a good and correct sleep pattern helps to lose excess fat from the belly, and also to lower the cholesterol level.

This is mainly related to the increase in hormones during sleep while the cortisol level in the body decreases.

The cortisol level is essential for weight loss, and sleep disturbance can lead to an increase in cortisol level. The effect is that you will feel hungrier.

In other words, sleeping in pajamas will lead to you waking up more easily, the cortisol level increases because of this, and you will be more hungry and sometimes more often. Sleeping naked can prevent all of this.

4. Better for the intimate organs

Researcher Jennifer Landa found that sleeping naked is a better way for women to ventilate the intimate areas.

5. More sex

It makes sense if you think about it. The longer you are naked with your partner, the greater the chances of sex. In fact, the odds increase dramatically once the clothes come off the body.

Dr. Jennifer Landa said, "Sleeping naked encourages sex, and relationships with a lot of sex are happier relationships".

More intimacy will also lead to an increase in the oxytocin hormone, which is always a good thing. So just sleeping hugged while naked reduces depression and anxiety.

6. You can skip showering in the morning

Sleeping in pajamas can make you sweat at night and thus the morning shower will be inevitable. Give up the pajamas and the unwanted heat. A cool and ventilated sleep is the best thing you can ask for.

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7. It's just easier

After a long day, most of us want nothing more than to sink into a pile of soft pillows.

For those who feel comfortable naked there is no obstacle on the way to the land of ultimate comfort. The path to good sleep is already marked for you.

For the pajama wearers, there are obstacles. It may sound trivial and the peak of laziness, but there is no doubt that changing clothes and putting on new ones is a challenge along the way.


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