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This is why you must hang a bag of water over your door during the summer





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Yes, summer is our favorite time of the year. Unfortunately, the hot weather and the sun also bring with it unwanted guests.

Sunbathing on the balcony, wading in the water, taking walks in the sun: these are things we enjoy doing. But mosquitoes, flies and other bugs can return to where they came from.

Fortunately, there are many tips and tricks that will keep and protect your home from mosquitoes. But what about flies? They have a sense of survival, and fly traps can be expensive and full of chemicals and they don't always work either.

So it's a good thing that we found a simple and environmentally friendly trick that will help you get through the summer clean and free of flies.

Keep reading and see how to make the upcoming summer more pleasant.

You don't need much to make this homemade fly trap - in fact, you probably already have everything you need at home.

What you need:

Put everything in the freezer bag and very quickly you will have a device that is the nightmare of every fly.

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Fill the clear bag with water and hang it high outside your door.

Because you need a light source for this trick to work, the best thing to do is to hang the bag as close to the light you have outside as possible, so the flies stay away day and night.

Why do flies hate it so much?

Most insect repellants are based on different smells. This insect repellent is not based on smell, but rather it has to do with the way flies see the world.

Sparkling coins in the water create discomfort and a frightening appearance for the flies.

The flies have complex eyes and the coins in the water create an illusion for them and they don't want to approach the area.

What the flies see in the bag is a reflection of light, something the human eye can easily handle. But for a fly, it's a completely different story.

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Let's take the common fly for example. These insects are born with a pair of huge eyes relative to their size. The eyes that consist of 3000-6000 lenses see the world in a mosaic pattern. Pretty cool, isn't it?

The coins in the water create a refraction of light that confuses them, forcing them to leave.

Now that you know this simple trick that flies hate, it's time to build your own trap. Enjoy a fly-free summer!

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What do you think of the trick? Have you tried it before? Many who have built it have testified that it works great, so you should definitely give it a try.

Don't forget to share this trick with your friends and family so they too can enjoy a fly-free summer.


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