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Peach: everything you didn't know, it's not only a delicious fruit but also abundant in health benefits





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A Peach is undoubtedly one of the favorite and delicious summer fruits, which we all wait to see on the shelves of the supermarkets and greengrocers. But did you know that eating one peach a day affects your health in such a positive way?

Peach is a fruit that has been growing wild for hundreds of years and the origin of the cultivated peach is in China, but it has also grown in other parts of the world, where the weather is warm. You can find the peach in abundance in Europe and especially in the countries located around the Mediterranean Sea.

In China, a peach is regarded as a symbol of immortality and good friendship. In the rest of the world, the peach is considered a key fruit with powerful healing powers consisting of essential ingredients, such as apples and pears.

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16 Ways a peach improves your health:

1. A peach is a sweet and great snack for weight loss

The peach causes a lasting feeling of satiety and thus prevents overeating. One peach contains between 30-50 natural healthy calories and contains no fat at all.

2. It fights obesity resulting from diabetes and prevents cardiovascular diseases

The peach is a fruit very rich in phytochemicals called phenols, which act in the body as very strong antioxidants.

3. Keeps your skin healthy

The abundance of vitamins A and C make the peach a fruit that enriches your skin with natural moisture and in natural cosmetics you will find it in the list of ingredients. These two essential vitamins help your body renew and heal skin cells.

4. Peach helps reduce hair loss

Since this delicious and wonderful fruit has positive effects on the skin of your scalp.

5. Naturally relieves stress

A peach is a fruit that has properties that help your body reduce anxiety. In Hungary, the peach is defined as a "relaxing fruit".

6. Peach helps prevent cancer

Thanks to the fact that a peach is rich in selenium, which is a mineral with very strong antioxidant properties, it helps your body prevent the development of various types of cancer along with the other vitamins and minerals it's abundant in.

7. Removes parasites from the body

Due to the natural compounds that the peach contains, it helps the body to expel worms.

8. A peach contains urinating properties

Which helps your body clean the kidneys and bladder.

9. A peach helps soothe an upset stomach

Steam the peach to soothe an upset stomach.

10. Fruits with cores help in the treatment of the 'metabolic syndrome'

Dr. Luis Cisneros-Zabalos is a food scientist at AgriLife, who took part in a study conducted by the American Chemical Society in Philadelphia.

Dr. Luis says that "Our work indicates that the phenolic compounds present in these fruits have anti-obesity, anti-inflammatory and anti-diabetic properties in various cell lines..

.. And they also help the body in reducing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, which is directly related to cardiovascular diseases".

11. Helps those suffering from rheumatism and ringworm

Dietitians recommend people suffering from rheumatism and gout to eat peaches, because peaches are a basic fruit that balances the PH levels of your body and thus they significantly reduce internal inflammation.

12. Has qualities that arouse the desire for love making

Peaches have been scientifically proven to be natural stimulants for love making.

13. The peach flowers have relaxing properties

A natural and very effective medicine for relaxation, is an infusion of the peach flowers in water together with honey.

14. Suppresses the growth activity of cancer cells

According to research, peaches are abundant with very powerful antimicrobial and antioxidant activity.

15. Helps relieve chronic bronchitis, cough and gastritis

There is significant relief in chronic bronchitis, cough of all kinds and gastritis, drinking peach tea consisting of a decoction of its flowers and the bark of the tree.

16. Cleanses the kidneys

In China they make peach tea that helps the body clean the kidneys of toxins and all unnecessary substances.

More interesting information about the peach fruit

Please note: our health articles are intended for reference purposes only and not as a substitute for expert medical advice.

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